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Sally John 


Registered Physiotherapist

Sally provides one on one uninterrupted full hour+ initial consultation, depending on the needs of the individual and treatment.  This includes providing the patient with an understanding of their problem through pictorial/ web back up and a way forward with an effective treatment and exercise plan and home advice, with expected time of recovery.



  • 1. This hour + will be a virtual video assessment, which you will need to participate in, upon the request of myself (Registered Physiotherapist of BC). It is important that during this time you & i are uninterrupted, to prevent distraction from focus. DURING THIS ARRANGED TIME/DATE MUTUALLY AGREED UPON BY YOU & I, WE WILL NEED TO START ON TIME and end close to time. Please leave enough time to assess. SOMETIMES MORE THAN AN HOUR IS NEEDED. 2. During a virtual exam of limb, or posture, I may require you to place your laptop on a table, and then stand in front of it so that I can see alignment and movement. Please find a support that will allow me to see the body part fully from the torso or feet.

  • 3. I may ask you to move the limb, back or neck in a certain way to assess range of movement with or without pain. When moving a knee or hip; you will need to be lying on a bed or couch, and so it will be necessary for me to see the amount of movement. If you are able to have someone assist you with this, it may be helpful.

  • 4. I shan’t be unable to do any manual work and because of this only advice on specific exercises in the form of specialized stretches with joint assist, if necessary, and specialized muscle strengthening, often to start with isometric muscle strengthening and then to be formulated to strengthening through movement and weight bearing leading. This should have some functional outcomes involved in your work or habitual living experiences. PLEASE HAVE A STRAP AVAILABLE OR SCARF, AS THIS CAN BE A HELPFUL AID. A WALKING CANE FOR THE KNEE/HIP IS ALSO HELPFUL.

  • 5. This procedure could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on what I deem necessary to examine. 

  • 6. For this reason, my time will be charged as usual with a 5% discount due to no manual work. My normal hourly rate is $130 (now $120) with 90 minutes charged at $160 (now $150). This can still be payable by credit card (through Square card) or through e-transfer to 

  • 7. I will send you a receipt with my registered number with The College of Physiotherapists of BC and a customized exercise list, with video to help with your rehabilitation. 

  • 8. I will need to follow up with you in 1-3 days or up to 1 week. 

  • Sincerely 

  • Sally John BSc (PT) 08048 CPTBC

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