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Dr Sarah Kennea

“I would like to express my wholehearted recommendation of physiotherapist Sally John BSc PT. I have referred numerous patients to Sally and am always impressed by her diagnostic capabilities and phenomenal understanding of the bodies biomechanics. I have also been lucky enough to see her as a patient where she has helped me hugely with my chronic pelvic issues. What I love best about Sally is her pure enthusiasm and curiosity with regards to a patient’s issues. She will not look at an issue on merely a superficial level but continue to look at all the factors impacting on a patient’s complaint. I believe that this thorough approach is the reason behind her superb outcomes with patients. She is skilled in many areas including dry needling, spinal manipulation and orthotic assessment. If you are experiencing a chronic injury I would recommend you see Sally to see if she can break your cycle! “



Dr. Sarah

Whistler medical aesthetics 


Tel: (604) 741-5619

Marie Jose Valade

Sally John, as a registered physiotherapist, was very professional in treating my knee injury. 

Because of her long term experience, she was able to diagnose quickly the source of my pain and ease it through proper treatment, realignment and exercises. She always took the time to ask questions, listen to my comments and do a follow-up.

I would recommend her.


MJ Valade

Paul Hannah

Two thumbs up for Sally . A consummate and experienced professional . Excellent uninterrupted service in the privacy of her home .  She keeps the patient involved throughout every step of the process and provides follow up information after the session has ended .  You really get the feeling that she cares about the well being of her patients . A rarity these days.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her . 

Cathy Elton

Sally was able to assess and accurately diagnose the cause of my discomfort. She provided an effective treatment and exercise regime that had me back to normal much faster than I had anticipated. Her friendly, one to one care was appreciated as well. Thanks, Sally!
Cathy Elton

 Virtual post for physiotherapy on line.

This patient had a motor vehicle accident 4 years ago and had resultant temporo-mandibular jaw alignment problems. With corrective exercises with mobility backwards of the left condyle of the TMJ, I was able to completely reduce pain in both jaw joints ( TMJ) with stability exercises.  Please hear video


Virtual Assessment & treatment for foot

jenny E


Fri., Apr. 24 at 12:11 p.m.

Hi Sally

Tried to add on Testimonials but can't.

Maybe you can copy/paste this?


Brilliant - quick diagnosis for problem resulting from a fall off a horse and landing on right foot first. 

Consequent pain in outer region of foot, which got more acute later on that day, but after online chat,  What's App examination, resulted in correct diagnosis for Peroneal Brevis tendon tear (not fracture or of 5th metatarsal/ avulsion fracture l-which would mean no running for 4 wks min -aagh!)

Sally gave me some really good exercises to do and I felt the difference straight away, as in 6 hours   - also said I could bike and it would be a help, which it did -  2nd time out was even better!

2 days ago I couldn't put weight on my foot, but now I can and will start walk/run tomorrow.

Sally is the best! So good diagnostically + great physio advice for whatever injury you have.

I highly recommend her to everyone, she can sort you out, despite restrictions posed by Covid -19.

Don't delay your treatment, just because of Covid -19. If you need treatment, don't delay - Sally is the best Physio out there for all you needs.

Jenny E

Date ; July 24th, 2023
"I've had a wonderful experience with Sally John's Physio, and feel lucky to have discovered her skillful practice.  
In only 3 sessions, I've seen remarkable improvement in my old injuries, once thought to be chronic.
Sally's excellent diagnostic ability, focused manipulation, and acupuncture are a perfect trio for injuries.!
Sherecommended and emailed me super useful homework exercises to retain the changes and strengthen around them.
Nicely done Sally
- Melanie M. Whistler"
Testimonial from Melanie M
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